LUTZIE (Lucia Opalka) is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter-pianist from Seattle, Washington, where she was twice spotlighted as part of Up Next, the emerging artist performance series co-created by Seattle Theatre Group and Starbucks, and was selected to perform her originals for VIP theatre-goers to Beautiful: The Carole King Story.

In 2018 at a Seattle Cornish Institute performance workshop, musician and producer Andrew Vait (SISTERS, LIttle Wins) spotted Lucia’s songwriting and performing skills. With his partnership as producer, and collaborating with Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Divers, Beck, The Shins) on bass and percussionist Sean Lane (Pedro the Lion, Perfume Genius, Yppah), the first-ever LUTZIE project took shape. Three resulting singles dropped in the fall and Winter of 2019, and her debut EP with the collection, To Disappear, released in January 2020.

"Engraved," released July 17, 2020, was also co-produced with Andrew Vait.

Lucia is now a student at university in Scotland and continues to make music. In 2022 she is releasing six singles, beginning with Waiting for Me in January, as part of her EP "One to Believe,"  co-written and co-produced with Andrew Vait. Her thoughts about the release: "Waiting for Me is the first of six songs coming in 2022 that reflect a transitional time of my life, when I was leaving my childhood home and things came into focus about the people around me and what I wanted to become." The EP was co-written and co-produced with Andrew Vait.



LUTZIE offers us lyric flights worthy of a great artist. Probably one of the most beautiful musical discoveries of the year!


LUTZIE is uber talented. Full stop. With a couple of singles released, the full potential and power of this singer songwriter is yet to be fully displayed.


With a hint of vulnerability, 'Rain' is an awesome piece that showcases LUTZIE's vocal prowess.



Seattle, WA, USA

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